January is the time to reflect and be still-

Zen on the Beach

I find January to be a month of constant contradiction. Humanity seems compelled to start the new year off with a list of must do’s  and endless resolutions. Nature on the other hand steps back and takes a long winter nap, unless we are talking about Mother Nature.

January for me is a time to reflect and dream. A month to truly kick back and enjoy a slower pace in our hurried world.  A time to read ,write and set my new goals for the upcoming year.  This month holds new promise to what might be-

My photo above is from the North Shore, a shoreline where I like to practice my yoga postures, meditate and occasionally spot whales. The formations of rocks are built mainly by visitors from all over the world leaving behind a piece of Peace.

May your week be filled with Love, Peace and Joy!

One thought on “January is the time to reflect and be still-

  1. I love that photo of your yoga spot!
    It’s a part of Hawaii I haven’t seen and yet it reminds me of a Korean island I once visited. I would love to meditate and “just be” in that particular spot!

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