Yesterday while shopping at the Ala Moana Center I decided to buy a book on WordPress to teach myself formatting and how to develop my site. I noticed a section of books behind me that shared a similiar title with the word “Passion”. I was curious to know why they’re so many books on the subject and many are written by Doctors. Also, to my surprise, a common theme “finding or living your passion” was in singular tense.

So I pose these two questions:

“Am I the only person that has many, many passions? And if I have many passions are they not considered passions by the doctor scholars?”

I looked up the official definition by M W (Merrian Webster) and there are six definitions listed, here is the order: 1. Suffering of Christ night before crucifixion, 2. Emotions, 3. Ardent affection, 4. A strong liking or desire for, 5. Devotion to some activity, 6. Sexual desire.

I consider myself to be a passionate woman because I do seek pleasure in all I do and I am devoted to my list of many. My passions are: surrounding my self in nature as often as I can, laughter, observing animals, observing people, living in Hawaii, love making that transcends mind and body, photography, watching sports, discussing sports,fitness, healthy eating, spiritual practice and serving others… get my point, right?

The photo is from Waimea Valley at Sunrise this week.

Peace,Love and Joy!

3 thoughts on “PASSION

  1. Getting the most of your passion requires special effort, & a concept I call PUSH MOMENT/PULL MOMENT. Whether it’s sports, music, work, school, or any interest/hobby, you must push yourself to get started. The initial push may not be much fun, nor the second, third, fourth, nor even the fifth. It may be downright drudgery. However, if you push yourself hard enough and long enough, there is a point where the drudgery evolves into to fun–You become pulled into the moment. It shifts from left brain intellect to right brain creative play. Things begin to flow naturally and start to make sense in an enlightening joyful way. These are the pull moments. Pull moments require prior push moments. Yet push moments do not always result in pull moments. When you find that you love the pool moments, that’s when you found your passion.

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