I usually don’t post photos of people or myself, but today was special. I walked the famous Waikiki beach trail today with my nephew who was born 25 years ago-and 25 years ago I lived here in Hawaii. I couldn’t stop myself from reminiscing and reflecting on all that I have survived and accomplished. My friends who have come and gone, and those that still walk by my side. What would I tell my 25 year old self now that I am 50………the first thing I can think of is “plans are good but be flexible and be willing to change the plans with grace” “to stay present” and not always wonder what is next!

How many people have walked this beach leaving footprints only for a moment – the ocean blue washes them away Instantly. 25 years of footprints from people all over the world and energy connecting us all through the sands of time, yet here I am again standing tall and being grateful to Mother Earth for barely changing this beautiful landscape. How lucky am I to return so often to witness this glory? I love Hawaii………peace,joy and love to all.

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