The Time has come to change seasons again. Fall is upon us, the harvest is plentiful If you planted your seeds in Spring. This is the Harvest Full Moon at Sunrise. Did you think it was the sunset? Nature has a sense of humor too! I am inspired by the colors pink and rose, it is so beautiful shimmering on the ocean. May you all be blessed with abundance this new season.


Kauai Hawaii

We are all connected  through energy and love. My shadow is your shadow. I ask, why does the human race choose to continually oppose each other. When will we start believing we can live in a world of love and freedom, that we are more powerful united than divided.  We were created to live simple lives and to experience the beauty of creation. All we need is to believe in each other, to love, and to be loved. In God I move and Breathe and Have my Being. Namaste-