IMG_0770Last nights Sunset on Oahu is to honor the spirit and life of Lauren Hill~a young woman with so much courage and grace. Thank you ESPN for the beautiful story of her short life. Lauren Hill your life is an inspiration-BLESSINGS TO YOUR FAMILY



I am living my dream, the last item on my bucket list before I turned 50 list. I have the job I wanted- working at a resort, living in a resort community less than one mile from my favorite cove here in Ko Olina. I am happy! And yet a few nights ago when I hit the pillow to fall asleep-this overwhelming sadness entered my heart. The heart break and the  agony was raw and it hurt as if I was living a few years back when my whole world was tossed like a tornado with no warning. I don’t know why these feelings re-appeared that night, but what I have learned through it all was to allow these feelings to stay, to feel them,  to surrender and to believe that I am right where I should be at this moment in time. That I have all I need for today. I no longer need to see the top of the mountain to know that every step I take builds character along the way. Character matters!