IMG_0770Last nights Sunset on Oahu is to honor the spirit and life of Lauren Hill~a young woman with so much courage and grace. Thank you ESPN for the beautiful story of her short life. Lauren Hill your life is an inspiration-BLESSINGS TO YOUR FAMILY



To succeed we need each other-just as the Universe needs the planets,stars,sun and moon.  We need the wind in our sails, without it, how far can you really travel? Take each day to inspire others, give of yourself, because in giving you receive more love, light and unity. I am who I am because of all those who have come, stayed and/ or moved on. Each one of you is a gift in my life. Family Included!!

Happy New Year 2013 – Welcome to my Blog!


Welcome Friends! Thank you for reading and sending me your feed back, I appreciate you all. I wanted  my first post dated January 1, so I can celebrate my last day as a 49 year old woman as an official blogger. Tomorrow everything changes….I will be 5-0 and I have  many new dreams and artistic ideas on how I want to create my new life. I made it to Hawaii as most of you know…and now my focus changes towards stability and living from my heart and staying  in the moment. I no longer wish to waste valuable energy on the past or future. It is all about  what is in the “NOW”. and “NOW”. and “NOW”…..and no I am not regressing to a two year old’s tantrum “I want it now!” The concept is staying in the moment. “JUST BE”

A few things about this blog, it is a creative process and always in motion just like me! All photos displayed on this blog are my creations, even the cover photo. The cover photo is my favorite beach here on Oahu in LaniKai; the other photo is a double rainbow at the Ko Olina Beach during a world meditation service.

I will post inspirational stories, my experiences on the Hawaiian Islands with photographs, and with your feedback write about what you would like to see and read.

This first post is a copy of Christina Light’s post, but it embodies the message I want to deliver for the new year, and it is the way I want to live my life as a Fifty Year old Woman. I hope you enjoy it and refer to it when you need too.

Love is all inclusive, ego excludes what is not similar to itself.
Love just loves; ego compares, judges, measures, labels.
Love holds dear and gives freedom; ego clings and holds tight.
Love comes from a space wholeness and self-sufficiency; ego is incomplete and thus craves, longs, attaches.
Love is peace and balance; ego is war and instability.
Love is tolerance and acceptance; ego is prejudice and discrimination.
Love is patient; ego is frustrated and insecure.
Love is inner power; ego is disempowerment.
Love is unconditional; ego only gives to get something in return.
Love recognizes the Oneness that we all share; ego is very insecure and thus needs to feel better than others in order to feel better about oneself.
Love makes her own pasture flourish by watering it; ego always dreams about greener pastures and is never happy nor satisfied with what it has.
Love feels grateful; ego is a bottomless hole that never has enough.
Love believes in cooperation and forming alliances for the better good of ALL; ego is competitive and is only serving itself.
Love is serenity and clarity; ego is depressed and clouded.
Love ALWAYS unifies despite anything; ego ALWAYS finds reasons to separate.
Love is freedom; ego is possessive.
Love is happy with WHAT IS in the NOW; ego lives in the past and future.
Love is LOVE; ego is fear. Fear is the absence of love.
Love is natural; ego is acquired.
Love is detached; ego is attached.
Love is Heaven and Bliss; ego is suffering.
Love is who you truly ARE; ego is who you are not.
Let go of your false self and allow yourself to embody the love that you ARE !

The key is not fight the ego but embrace it with unconditional love and at the same time let it know that it’s time to let go and allow a greater power (your inner Divine Self) take control of your life. An ego cannot be fought because fighting itself is an egoic trait. An ego can be tamed with full mindfulness, deep introspection and unconditional love. Love is the greatest healer. What we resist persist. What we are not aware of cannot be healed. What we become aware of and send love to, we transmute back into Light.

Happy New Year to all…..January 1 2013