IMG_0770Last nights Sunset on Oahu is to honor the spirit and life of Lauren Hill~a young woman with so much courage and grace. Thank you ESPN for the beautiful story of her short life. Lauren Hill your life is an inspiration-BLESSINGS TO YOUR FAMILY



I find the word “amazing” to be the most overused word in our English vocabulary. On a daily basis I hear the word used to describe coffee, chocolate, food in general, movies, books, pets, people’s kids, and on and on. Trust me friends not everything we do in life is amazing-Find another adjective, expand your words! Now, on the flip side……I live in Hawaii……and yes! Just about all I experience in nature on this Island is AMAZiNG! I have seen Whales, Sea turtles, Sunsets and Sunrises, Mountains, the Ocean bottom from 50 feet up and 30ft. Waves. This is where AMAZING lives!